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Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities Increase 100%

An anonymous reader writes Bromium Labs analyzed public vulnerabilities and exploits from the first six months of 2014. The research determined that Internet Explorer vulnerabilities have increased more than 100 percent since 2013 , surpassing Java and…

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The Psychology of Phishing

An anonymous reader writes Phishing emails are without a doubt one of the biggest security issues consumers and businesses face today. Cybercriminals understand that we are a generation of clickers and they use this to their advantage. They will take t…

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Dropbox Head Responds To Snowden Claims About Privacy

First time accepted submitter Carly Page writes When asked for its response to Edward Snowden’s claims that “Dropbox is hostile to privacy”, Dropbox told The INQUIRER that users concerned about privacy should add their own encryption. The firm warned h…

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You are being tracked in the real world, so what should we do about it?

The internet of things is primarily about deriving value from data, but we need to have mroe conversations about how that data is shared. Today we talk to the CEO of Truste about IoT and privacy.
You are being tracked in the real world, so what shoul…

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Could this battery-powered, Wi-Fi camera show chip startups how to find a market?

Blink, a Wi-Fi-capable home security camera that’s also battery powered, is a cool gadget, but it’s also a chance for a chip startup to attract new buyers for its latest tech.

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Critroni Crypto Ransomware Seen Using Tor for Command and Control

Trailrunner7 writes There’s a new kid on the crypto ransomware block, known as Critroni, that’s been sold in underground forums for the last month or so and is now being dropped by the Angler exploit kit. The ransomware includes a number of unusual fea…

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Immersive Infections

 Immersive technology will put the user into the digital shoes of their own avatars, experiencing video games, simulations, learning opportunities and even romance on new levels, so it goes without saying that while we can expect all that grandeur…

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Point-of-Sale System Bought On eBay Yields Treasure Trove of Private Data

jfruh writes: Point-of-sale systems aren’t cheap, so it’s not unusual for smaller merchants to buy used terminals second-hand. An HP security researcher bought one such unit on eBay to see what a used POS system will get you, and what he found was dist…

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New Mayhem Malware Targets Linux and UNIX-Like Servers

Bismillah writes: Russian security researchers have spotted a new malware named Mayhem that has spread to 1,400 or so Linux and FreeBSD servers around the world, and continues to look for new machines to infect. And, it doesn’t need root to operate. “T…

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Edward Snowden thinks cloud providers still have a chance to win users’ trust

The former NSA sysadmin said in a Guardian interview that cloud providers can earn users’ trust by building their services around encryption and being clear about “where they draw the lines.”

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