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Vodafone Publishes Highly Detailed Report Into State Surveillance Requests

 Carrier Vodafone has published a report detailing the surveillance demands that were made on its users by government agencies and authorities in 29 of the different countries around the world in which it operates. The report covers the period 1 A…

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It’s The Security, Stupid!

shutterstock_157028330 It’s 2014. Do you know where your security is? On Tuesday, Google published a full account of the current state of encryption in email, revealing that some leading providers like Comcast and France’s Orange encrypted nearly none of the email that approached its servers. The news this week seemed to confirm many of our worst fears about the state of security on the Internet (as it… Read More

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A year into the Snowden leaks, here’s something useful we can all do

Protesting is useful to a point, but the privacy pack that accompanies Thursday’s Reset The Net campaign could help people make a real difference.

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New OpenSSL Man-in-the-Middle Flaw Affects All Clients

Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes “There is a new, remotely exploitable vulnerability in OpenSSL that could enable an attacker to intercept and decrypt traffic between vulnerable clients and servers. The flaw affects all versions of the OpenSSL client and …

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New OpenSSL flaw could leave some Android users open to decryption attack

While not as severe as April’s heart-stopping Heartbleed vulnerability, this flaw could for example allow people operating fake Wi-Fi hotspots to intercept, decrypt and manipulate supposedly secure traffic being passed between a user and a web service.

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NSA-Mocking Easter Egg Found In Google’s New Email Encryption Plug-In

 Google recently made waves by introducing the framework for a tool that will bolster email encryption through a coming plug-in for its Chrome browser. TechCrunch noted the complexity of the problem that Google is taking on, and that it seemed lik…

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Comcast says it’s beta testing email encryption after Google calls it out

The media giant is beta testing TLS encryption, a protocol that allows for emails to be encrypted. The news came after Google singled out some mail providers on poor encryption services.

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DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge Offers $3.75 Million In Prizes

An anonymous reader writes “Computer security experts from academia, industry and the larger security community have organized themselves into more than 30 teams to compete in DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge, a tournament designed to speed the developmen…

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Google ups the ante on email encryption

The Mountain View giant’s new extension, still in alpha, for Gmail users promises better email encryption, something that some email providers are skimping on, according to new data provided by Google.

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Google Plans To Launch An Easy-To-Use Chrome Plug-In For Email Encryption Soon

google_tls_landing_hero Google today announced that it will soon release a Chrome plug-in that will enable end-to-end encryption for web-based email services. The plug-in is based on the OpenPGP email encryption standard. Google’s plan here is to make encryption easy enough to use to become widespread among mainstream users. Right now, unless you are fairly technical and can get extensions like Mailvelope to… Read More

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